Door Stops

A door stop is a small object that prevents a door from being opened by accident. They can be made from various materials, the most common being metal. Most are cast, with a flat back, though early examples were more rounded. Brass door stops were popular until the 1850s, and cast-iron ones became popular in the 1820s. These door stops are often engraved with handles, and they can be made from different materials, including earthenware and glass.

Wall-mounted door stops

Wall-mounted door stops are a great way to prevent banging of doors against the walls. They are easy to install and can be found in a variety of finishes, from satin brass to satin nickel. These accessories have a rubber buffer to prevent the doors from hitting the walls. A mechanical guarantee covers commercial and domestic use.

Wall-mounted door stops come with an adhesive back that can be installed on walls, cabinets, tubs, or other surfaces. Another option is a hinge mounted door stop. These are easy to install and provide protection without mounting on the wall. They’re perfect for bathrooms.

Floor-mounted door stops

Floor-mounted door stops are a fantastic way to prevent doors from banging into walls. Generally, they are 38mm in diameter and contain a circular rubber stopper to prevent the door from swinging. You should leave about 10-15cm of space between the door and the wall where the floor mounted stop will be placed. These stops are made from solid brass and are available in five different finishes to suit your home’s decor.

Floor-mounted door stops are usually installed on the floor next to a door and are heavier than the baseboard. They are ideal for doors that must be kept open for long periods of time.

Spring baseboard door stops

Spring baseboard door stops prevent doors from opening too far and damaging items in the area. These small door accessories are not as important as handles and knobs, but their presence can prevent the door from accidentally slamming against nearby items. Installing spring baseboard door stops is easy, as it only requires drilling a hole into the baseboard and placing the spring into the right position.

There are many types of door stops on the market. Some are adhesive, which means that they are attached directly to the wall. Others have a kick-down mechanism that keeps them from sticking out far from the wall. Other types of door stops are magnetic or rubber, and can be installed directly to the door itself.

Hook doorstop

A hook doorstop is a great option for holding open a door. It is made of durable cast brass with a rubber bumper to protect walls and doors. It also comes with an eyelet that goes into the bottom of the door. It is ideal for holding open a door for any length of time.

Hook doorstops can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition to keeping doors open, they also add a nice decorative touch to a home.

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