How Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Air conditioning is one of the best investments you can make for your home. It can improve your quality of life, and help you become more productive.

This project replaced natural gas heat pumps with a fully electric solution incorporating innovative technology that both warms and cools air in the same unit. It was completed in a very tight time frame and as per specification.


The best way to find out how much your air conditioning system will cost is to speak with one of our experts. They will be happy to provide you with a quote. Then, you can decide whether or not the system is right for your home.

We know that each New Zealand home and family is different. That’s why we offer a variety of heating and cooling solutions. Our heat pumps are specifically designed for New Zealand conditions, and feature environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant.

If you’re looking for a solution that can cool and dehumidify your home without using up a lot of energy, consider a multi-split heat pump solution. These systems have indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. This allows you to control each room’s temperature with a remote control or via your smartphone app. And because the outdoor unit is inconspicuous, you won’t have to worry about it spoiling the look of your property.


The Auckland Airport fully electric HVAC replacement project is designed to reduce the facility’s energy consumption by replacing six natural gas boilers with electricity-powered heat pumps. Heat pumps are a popular heating technology in New Zealand due to their high efficiency and ‘clean energy’ image, although they are also effective at cooling.

Air conditioners and heat pumps are rated on their energy efficiency in New Zealand using a star rating system. The higher the star rating, the more efficient the unit. Separate ratings are given for heating and cooling functions.

To improve the efficiency of your Auckland air conditioning, consider installing a ceiling fan to help distribute cool air throughout the home. Fans use a fraction of the power that air conditioners do and, when used in conjunction with your air conditioning, can significantly cut your energy bill. Also, make sure to get your air conditioner serviced annually to keep it working at its best.


The noise generated by air conditioning Auckland is a significant concern for many residents. It can interfere with normal activity, and has the potential to impact on their health. It can also lead to complaints from neighbours. However, it is important to note that the noise levels must be within the specified limits of the district plan.

The hum overlaid the gentle whirring of electric motors and clickety-clack of trains as the Herald joined trainee drivers for a test run of the new Auckland Transport Electric Trains. Engineers are working to reduce the constant hum as they readied the trains for passenger service next week.

But Dr Nazaran says she has a right to enjoy her air conditioner and that Parramatta Council has determined that the level of noise isn’t a nuisance. She is taking her case to the courts.


Air conditioning Auckland units need regular maintenance, especially if you want them to run efficiently and not waste power. This can be very affordable if you use the right service provider. Our team can draw up a maintenance plan that suits your needs.

Heat pumps are also very easy to install. They do need some space outside for the condenser unit, but a heat pump installation expert will find a discreet location to put it. They also use less electricity than portable air conditioners, so they’re a great choice for hot Auckland summers.

Many homeowners list energy efficiency as one of the advantages of a heat pump. It uses far fewer resources than fossil fuel heating, and doesn’t produce any carbon emissions. A heat pump should also last a long time, especially when it’s properly maintained. It’s worth getting heat pump servicing at least once a year for residential heat pumps and more often for commercial heat pumps.

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